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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

Rosemary Beach

78 N Barrett Square, Unit B

Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

As the weather turns from hot to warm and the time spent at the beach is cut down by at least an hour due to the shortening of the days, you may not realize that fall is practically the best time to plan a visit to the Rosemary Beach community! The crowds lessen with the kids being back in school, but the weather is still so nice that a day at the beach will be refreshing and relaxing. This guide to our favorite fall activities in the Rosemary Beach community will ensure that every minute you spend with us will be the best minutes of your life.

30A Farmers Market in Rosemary Beach, 28 N Barrett Square

One of the best ways to get to know the place you are visiting is by exploring the local farmers’ market, and our 30A Farmers Market is the perfect example. Offering local produce that is fresh, sweet, and tastes so good when served from the kitchen of your vacation escape, the farmers’ market tells you all you need to know about our beachside village. It also features arts, crafts, baked good, and other items that will make beautiful gifts for family and friends that weren’t lucky enough to get to come along with you on this trip of the lifetime! Open on Sundays from 9 AM until 1 PM, the 30A Farmers Market is the perfect fall adventure.

Rosemary Beach Bonfires

Guests of the Rosemary Beach community are able to enjoy a relaxing bonfire on the beach. For $550, you can hire a Rosemary Beach Service attendant to come host a three-hour bonfire on the beach complete with chairs for up to 20 guests, tables, an ice chest, and skewers. They will take care of all the details, including the required permit, meaning you can simply show up and enjoy! Call (850) 231-1860 to reserve your bonfire service.

Rosemary Beach Uncorked

As the pandemic starts to release its grip on the world, festivals and events are beginning to make their appearance once again, and Rosemary Beach Uncorked is a go, with the proceeds going to help Habitat for Humanity of Walton County and South Walton Academy. Offering the opportunity to sip wine and enjoy fine food as live music plays on yet another glorious day in Florida, this worthy event is destined to be your favorite fall activity! While tickets are sold out, you can still obtain tickets through accommodation packages; call our vacation planners at (866) 348-8952 for more details.

Plan Your Florida Escape

Choosing the Rosemary Beach community as your vacation escape is a great way to enjoy the fall; reserve your favorite sanctuary today!

Shopping during vacation is a time-honored tradition, one you will have plenty of time and plenty of places to do so during your getaway to the Rosemary Beach community, but for those days when you still want a little retail therapy and you don’t want to go far, these favored Rosemary Beach shops will find you everything that you need. Give your credit cards a workout, knowing you won’t have to tote the bags and boxes far at the end of your spree; everything in the Rosemary Beach community is designed to be within walking distance!

Bombora Sun & Surf

It never fails. No matter how hard you try to pack everything you need for your upcoming trip, you are destined to forget something important. Sunglasses, sunscreen, even a forgotten bathing suit can ruin your beachy adventures, but a visit to the 30A Store at Rosemary Beach can be the solution to your absentmindedness! Offering everything beachy and located close to your vacation sanctuary, you can shop quickly and go about the very important business of relaxing on white sands and frolicking in turquoise waters in no time at all.

Rosemary Beach Trading Company

Now whatever you do, do not fill up your arms with prizes from Hissyfits and head home without stopping right next door to see what Rosemary Beach Trading Company has to offer first! This charming souvenir shop is guaranteed to have the perfect gifts for your house sitter, your dog watcher, and your grandmother who doesn’t get out much these days but will appreciate a little something that shows you were thinking about her. Selling everything from abalone to Zen gardens, this store may end up being the only shop you need.


Rosemary Beach Collection + Kids

A new offshoot of the Rosemary Beach Trading Company, they offer a variety of great apparel and home goods items that are bound to catch your eye. Find that perfect kitschy item for your kitchen, a darling outfit for your little ones, coastal wear that will make you feel right at home on the beach, and much more. Rosemary Beach Collection is only growing, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!


Unload Your Prizes

When your red striped wrists simply can’t handle another bag filled with goodies, walking home to unload your prizes won’t take much time out of your day, as your rental property is located just a short walk away. Reserve your stay with us today!

As you spend your days sleeping late, frolicking in the surf, and discovering what wonders 30A has for you next, your Florida getaway to the Rosemary Beach community may seem just about perfect, but there is one thing you are missing. The taste of Florida, set before you in the local diners, cafes, and restaurants, will turn this vacation from ordinary to extraordinary at first bite! Not every meal has to be a grand production, and this guide to our favorite casual places to eat at Rosemary Beach will ensure you will feel at home in every restaurant that you try.

Effin Egg, 13123 E Emerald Coast Parkway STE C

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Effin Egg aims to ensure that it is the tastiest as well! Offering eggs in sandwiches, eggs on plates, and eggs that will soon be in your stomach, this cute spot can only be found in the panhandle and promises to be the breakfast spot you will fall in love with.

30A Burger, 12805 US-98 E101

Yes, you are surrounded by seafood that is sweet and delicious, but sometimes you just need a thick and juicy burger! 30A Burger has a menu destined to hit the spot when those cravings arise, offering burgers, chicken sandwiches, and a taste of Florida that is just right. Order a glass of wine to go with your spicy chicken sandwich, a cold beer to go with the 30A Bacon burger or forget the burgers altogether and stop in for a thick and frosty shake; the Banana Pudding Shake will instantly transport you back to your grandma’s kitchen!

Crabby Steve’s Bar & Gulfside Restaurant, 10254 E County Highway 30A

Just the name alone will bring a smile to your face, and when you sample their seafood delights, you might just want to take up residence at their Gulf front tables! Offering your favorite casual eats, drinks, and a surfside view of that fabulous Florida sunset, every bite will be your favorite. If this is your first time in our beautiful state, be sure to order a Rum Runner to go along with your fish tacos; you won’t be disappointed!

The Kitchen of Your Rosemary Beach Escape

Obviously, the most casual of places are ones where pants are optional, and as you go about your business of seeking out fun in the Rosemary Beach community, enjoying a few of the meals in your fully equipped kitchens will be inexpensive, delicious, and cooked exactly how you crave. Reserve your spot on the beach with us today!

Oh how far we have come from the early days of travel. While once we only had the choice of two double beds, two queen beds, or one king in the cramped and sterile hotel rooms we crammed our entire families into, now we have choices. We can choose between condos, cottages, and townhomes. We can choose the carefree beach life or sophisticated city living. And when you pick the Rosemary Beach community for your Florida vacation rentals, you are choosing luxury, comfort, style, and convenience! This guide to the property options available to you in the Rosemary Beach community may make your decisions harder at first, but so much more worth it in the end!

Location Matters

Now the location of your property in the Rosemary Beach community is actually a simple choice: Do you want something closer to the shops and restaurants, or do you prefer being right at the beach, letting the sounds of the surf lull you into a deep and uninterrupted sleep every night?

Cozy Condo or Cottage?

This choice thing is wonderful, especially because there are no wrong choices in the Rosemary Beach community, and again this choice is simple. Smaller families or couples often decide that a beachfront condo with a balcony is their best option, while larger traveling groups will go for the cottage that is spacious and offers room to spread out. A property on the beach, however, offers the ultimate in luxuries and can make your vacation dreams come true, so this third option is often quite a popular one.

The Amenities

Forget about room service and a free newspaper shoved under your door every morning; you are a discerning traveler, and you want to be pampered and spoiled during your Florida getaway! You want large kitchens with the latest in upscale appliances, and if your property comes with an outdoor kitchen as well, all the better! Theater rooms with large screens and comfy recliners offer the perfect way to fill a few rainy hours, and game rooms with pool tables and game consoles make your teen almost crack a smile. Swimming pools and hot tubs, outdoor fireplaces, and of course the balcony with million-dollar views will make you happy while soft beds, plush sofas, and air conditioning will ensure that you are rested too!

The Best Choice You Will Make

Choosing the Rosemary Beach community for your vacation accommodations is the best choice you will make this year. Reserve your favorite property today!

As the year rushes by at unheard of speeds, it is once again time to start planning your Memorial Day Weekend escape, and if you think beach days, warm temperatures, and an endless supply of tropical drinks sounds good, it is definitely time to turn your attention in the direction of the Rosemary Beach community and the rentals we offer! Last year’s Memorial Day may have been a bust due to COVID, but this year promises to be the one that will make you forget all others, and our Rosemary Beach homes are a big reason why!

Proud to Be Your Choice

We know you could have picked a hundred other places to stay in during your holiday celebrations and we are so proud that you have chosen us! If you’re still mulling over your choices, however, this guide to what you can expect in the Rosemary Beach community should help make your decision an easy one! Our properties exemplify the beach lifestyle and from your first moments inside, you will immediately feel at home. Whip up a batch of Rum Runners in our fully equipped kitchens, barbecue the catch of the day in the summer kitchens available in some of our properties, or gather round the dining room table with family, eating, talking, and rejoicing in being together!

Every property we offer is different, and depending on your choice, you may find a private pool or hot tub in the backyard or may have access to both in the community amenities. Living areas with comfy couches and smart TVs are where you and your guests will take unplanned naps, watch the big game, or catch up on the reading you never have the time to do during real life. When your eyes grow heavy and the velvety sky turns a rich purple, sliding between the silky soft sheets is one of life’s greatest luxuries as you fall into a deep and dreamless sleep with a smile permanently cemented to your face! The last 12 months may have been rough, but better times are ahead, starting with your stay in the Rosemary Beach community!

Sand Castles, Barbecues, and Laughter

Will there be any planned activities during your visit? That is a question that is still up in the air at this moment, but who needs plans when you are at the beach? Spend your days perfecting your sand castles, your evenings mastering your grilling skills, and every other minute laughing until your jaws ache! Our vacation escapes will make this holiday getaway one you will never forget—reserve yours today!

While it is true that the simplest moments can offer the greatest luxuries, we like to think that the bigger the luxury, the happier you can be. When you choose to embark upon a sumptuous weekend in the Rosemary Beach community, we can guarantee your complete happiness! Especially when you choose one of our vacation escapes for comfort, style, and some extra pampering during your Florida getaway! This guide to a luxury weekend in the Rosemary Beach community will ensure you don’t miss out on a moment of the wonders available to you!

Sunset Dinners Overlooking the Gulf

Nothing makes you feel more spoiled than a sumptuous meal filled with all your favorites—unless, of course, that sumptuous meal filled with all your favorites offers sunset views of the Gulf! Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar, 74 Town Hall Road #4B, has it all, including a wine list that will make a true oenophile weep tears of sheer joy. And if not all your party enjoys the sweet taste of fresh seafood, never fear, as their Prime Filet Mignon served with garlic mash potatoes, tri-colored carrots, and mushroom ragout is tear worthy as well!

A Little Ice to Go with Your Visit

No, we aren’t talking about the cold stuff in your tropical drinks; we are talking about the shiny prizes that makes everyone feel like royalty when worn! Arriaga Originals, 10343 E County Highway 30A Unit 111, is one of our favorite places, offering original designs that are colorful and unique. The inventory changes regularly but right now we are crushing on their Orange Crush ring made with a Mexican fire opal that glows in the Florida sun!

You Deserve to Be Spoiled

After the year you have had, a visit to Vivo Spa 30A, 8 Georgetown Avenue, should be moved to the top of your luxury itinerary. Offering everything from facials to massage packages, spending less than a couple of hours in this harmonious space should be made illegal! Feeling fancy? The Vivo Spa Henna Experience starts with an exfoliation peel and finishes with a custom henna design on your legs or arms!

Top-Notch Acommodations

Heading home each day to the luxuries found in our sumptuous sanctuaries promise to be the best part of your weekend of wow. Reserve your stay today!

The Rosemary Beach community is the kind of neighborhood people dream about making their own. Designed to bring neighbors, friends, and families together in a world that often seems to try and do the opposite, adventures that occur happen here may not be grand and record breaking, but they are the kind that leave an imprint on your heart. And although your winter visit to our Rosemary Beach homes probably won’t change the world, they are destined to change your outlook on what comprises of the perfect winter vacation. This guide will ensure that every minute of your stay is filled with moments you won’t ever want to forget!

The Search for the Perfect Hot Cocoa

Even in Florida, the need for the perfect cup of hot cocoa is something we used to spend hours seeking out, and then we discovered La Crema Tapas & Chocolate and life has been perfect ever since! Ok, we may be exaggerating somewhat, but once you make your way through their chocolate menu and land on their exquisite sipping chocolates, we think it will change the way you look at hot chocolate adventures forever. Thick, rich, and creamy, they offer four different infusions to help create the beverage you will never stop dreaming about, including mocha, peppermint, hazelnut, and for all of you spice lovers out there, the unique hot chili infusion! Try them all and be sure to report back to us which is your new favorite!

The Perfect Family Photo

Getting your family together for a professional photo is always a difficult occasion, but you’re all together now so why not get that photo taken? Artists have been drawn to the beauty of our sugar white sand beaches for centuries and some of the best photographers in the nation can be found right here in the Rosemary Beach community! Kneeling against a backdrop of sea oats, all wearing colorful outfits that complement the purity of that sand, your family will never look this happy and relaxed again, and the memories your portraits will evoke will last a lifetime.

Cruisin’ Under Blue Skies

The smell of the salt water, the kiss of a gulf breeze on your cheeks, and the simple motions you never forget. The simple pleasure of riding a bike can be relived on a glorious winter day during your winter getaway! Rent your bicycle of choice from the Bamboo Bicycle Company, 78 N Barrett Square, and spend the mildly beautiful days of the season exploring the beaches and small villages that make up the area.

Winter on the Sand

Our homes are designed to make you feel at home every season of the year; reserve yours today!

Winter in the Rosemary Beach community may not be like the winters you are used to at home. Instead of below freezing temperatures, the mercury rises above the mid-60s, and instead of white snow covering the ground, it is white sand beaches you will find whenever you step outside your winter escape! The one thing that never changes, however, is the desire for a hot winter meal on a cold (or in this case, cool) winter’s eve! This guide to the best places to get a hot winter meal in the Rosemary Beach community will ensure you get the dish you crave the most!

Cowgirl Kitchen, 54 Main Street in Rosemary Beach

Saddle up for your favorite southwestern dish at the Cowgirl Kitchen right here in Rosemary Beach! Open for dining in and taking out, this charming spot offers everything from pizza and sandwiches to tacos that will make you glad you didn’t wait until Tuesday to visit. Its location is close enough to your vacation home away from home you might just find yourself a regular! Although we love everything on the menu, we crave their drunken tacos, created with blackened shrimp, cilantro-lime crema, chipotle salsa, and queso fresca. The heat of the blackening spices and the chipotle salsa will warm you from the inside out, and their chocolate chip cookies offer the perfect sweet taste to end your winter meal!

Restaurant Paradis, 82 S Barrett Square in Rosemary Beach

When surrounded by the gulf, you have to expect the seafood restaurants will be excellent choices for a great hot meal. And you would be right, especially when you sample the savory delights offered by Restaurant Paradis! Serving a sophisticated menu of seafood dishes and a selectin of landlubber meals as well, it is open for dining in and taking out, should you not want to get out of your comfy clothes to eat. The Pistou & Lobster encrusted grouper is a treat you will not believe, served with gnocchi, roasted red bell peppers, chickpea, red onion, baby corn, spinach, and topped with a sundried tomato beurre blanc; this fresh and sweet dish is bound to be your new favorite!

What’s Your Favorite Meal?

The fully equipped kitchens of our Rosemary Beach community winter escapes will make preparing a meal fun again as you toss together a meal that you have always loved in cheerful spaces that are the heart of the home. Reserve yours today!

As the old year winds to an end and the new year peeks shyly from around the corner, we often have mixed feelings about both! We are happy to leave all the bad that may have occurred throughout the last 12 months behind (especially THIS year) but we are reluctant to say farewell to the good. The new year offers a blank slate, but who can say for certain whether that is a bad or good thing? In any case, sometimes the best way to shed our fears and feel the promise of a new year is by trying something new—for example, spending New Year’s Eve in the idyllic Rosemary Beach community in one of our luxurious seasonal sanctuaries! This guide to everything wonderful about the new year in Florida will help to make this celebration one you will never forget.

Best of the Big Band at Pescado & The Courtyard

The landscape of celebrations is altogether different this year, but Pescado is trying to bring back a sense of normalcy with their New Year’s Eve celebration! Enjoy a three-course dinner and amuse bouche, plus the musical stylings of David Seering Trio on the rooftop and Jamah Terry in The Courtyard, a late-night dessert station, and a toast and countdown to 2021. Be sure to make your reservation early for this exciting event to end 2020!

Family Fun

When you look back over the last year, what was the one thing that remained strong, supportive, and never changing? It was your family, of course, standing by you through all the changes and supporting you wholeheartedly during uncertain times, and when it comes to celebrating the good and saying goodbye to the bad, there is no one else you want by your side! Not all New Year’s Eve celebrations have to involve glitz and glamour; sometimes the best moments are the quiet ones spent at home with those you love. Our cozy and comfortable luxury properties in the Rosemary Beach community are the perfect spaces in which to show your family how much they mean to you, as you create your favorite dishes in our fully equipped kitchens, watch the ball drop on state of the art televisions, and share a champagne toast and a kiss as the clock strikes midnight. 2021 is guaranteed to be the best year yet when spent with Rosemary Beach. Reserve your New Year’s nest today!

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! After a year that has been less than fun, we in the Rosemary Beach community are happy to deliver some positive news that will bring smiles to the faces of everyone. Christmas is nearly here, and your holiday can be just as merry when the skies are clear and blue and the temperatures hover around the 60s and 70s with nary a snowball in sight! If your personal journey is leading you south for the holidays and a stay in one of our Rosemary Beach holiday hideaways, this guide to festivities and fun will ensure that Christmas 2020 will be one you will never want to forget!

Last Minute Shopping Expeditions

No matter how well you plan, it’s easy to forget something in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, but last-minute shopping trips are not to be dreaded when vacationing to the Rosemary Beach community! For example, even though it may be a little chilly for swimming, Rosemary Beach Trading Company, located at 34 N Barrett Square #1C, offers gifts that are perfect any time of the year! Featuring more than just t-shirts and bathing suits, their stock varies on a regular basis and can include recipe books filled with holiday treats or beautiful artwork that would serve as an exquisite reminder of all the good times had here in Florida.

Family Festivities

Of course, when the big day arrives, spending those moments with family in the comfort of our Christmas condos and cottages are what this special holiday is all about. Pick up a few decorations from any of the local stores to turn our warm and welcoming spaces into cheerful and festive ones guaranteed to make even the Grinch-iest of souls to get into the spirit of the season! Enjoy a cup of cocoa (or Irish coffee) as you watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas carols on Christmas Eve while baking cookies in our fully equipped kitchens. Once the children go to bed, sipping another cup of Irish while wrapping some last-minute gifts offers some one-on-one time with your traveling partner. And in the morning, when the carnage of Christmas wrapping paper is strewn all over the cozy living areas, the delighted squeals of excitement have muted to quiet whispers of fun as everyone explores their gifts in more detail, happy families can sit back, relax, and pat themselves on the backs. Christmas 2020 promises to be the perfect ending to a not so perfect year when spent in the Rosemary Beach community. Reserve your holiday hideaway today!

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