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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

Rosemary Beach

78 N Barrett Square, Unit B

Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

This year you decided to do things differently for Christmas. You are tired of waking up to gloomy skies and suffering from frozen fingers and toes, and the idea of a beachy Christmas in Florida appealed to your happier instincts; choosing our Rosemary Beach rentals was the natural next step! Our homes are destined to be an integral part of your festive experience, and because we want your Christmas to be the merriest ever, we have compiled this guide to the most joyful Christmas in Rosemary Beach!

3rd Annual Rosemary Beach Holiday Tour of Homes, December 4

The sight of any home decorated for the holidays is guaranteed to get you in a celebratory mood and the special homes you will see on this tour are destined to up the cheer factor immediately! Decorated in their most festive finest, these homes are charming at any time of the year, but they offer a special magic at Christmas, and because the proceeds from this fun event goes to a local charity, you get to have a great time and do a good deed as well! Raffle tickets will also be on sale, $5 for one ticket or $20 for five, with six beautiful and festive prizes being offered, so be prepared to win.

Holiday Happenings, December 14

The best holidays are the ones spent with family, and Holiday Happenings is a fun shopping event in the Rosemary Beach community where you can browse pop up shops for a variety of goods, dine with one of the 10 food vendors, and even give to charity by taking the Holiday Tour of Homes, benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Coast. Pick up a few gifts for friends and family, eat some delicious food, and do a good deed as well, all in our beautiful community!

Home for the Holidays

Our Rosemary Beach vacation rentals are designed to feel like home, and never is that more apparent than during the Christmas holidays, even if the only white you see is the white sands on the beach outside your sanctuary! Spend your days shopping for last-minute gifts at Rosemary Beach Trading Company, enjoying delicious meals at local restaurants, and watching the sun set over the sea, and as you realize that new traditions can be just as wonderful as the old ones, in the back of your mind, plans will start to be made for NEXT year’s Christmas in the Rosemary Beach community—reserve your favorite rental today!

The best vacations are the ones that are jam-packed with fun adventures, new learning experiences, and of course, all the comforts of home found in your vacation rental, and when you choose the Rosemary Beach® community for your accommodations, you will reach new levels of vacation perfection—especially if tennis is your game or the sport you have been dying to learn, as our Rosemary Beach Racquet Club is what makes our beach community one of the world’s top 75 tennis destination places. This guide to the club and what it can do for you is just another example as to why the Rosemary Beach community is the only place you will want to stay during your fabulous and fun-filled Florida getaway!

8 Courts, No Waiting

Ok, there may be a little wait, even as you made your reservations by calling (850) 278-2061, as the Rosemary Beach Racquet Club is extremely popular, but once you are standing on the green clay court in your best tennis whites, (Tennis attire, including smooth soled tennis shoes, are required.) you will definitely agree that the wait was worth it! Play until 9 PM on any of the four courts offering LED lighting and revel in the fun of a new outdoor activity; the vibe changes when the sun sets and the sky turns to dark, making these later evening hours very much desired times to play!

Didn’t bring your tennis gear or clothing? Everything you need can be found in the pro shop which is open every day from 8 AM to 5 PM. Rent the equipment you forgot to bring or buy something new that allows you to continue the sport that is your new obsession when you return home. What if you have never played the game before, but after seeing the courts and all the fun people seem to be having, you want to try? Lessons are offered at the Rosemary Beach Racquet Club, guaranteeing you will not only learn the game, but you will also be given the skills to firmly tromp your friends and family back home!

Watch others play the game if you happen to be visiting during tournament time, work out at the fitness center, (counteracting all the extra fat and calories you have consumed during your vacation) or step up your step count while walking with your family along the fitness path that takes you through some of the most scenic spots. There is no limit to the fun you can have at the Rosemary Beach Racquet Club!

Bring Your Tired Muscles Home to Rosemary Beach

After the last ball has been lobbed and the final step has been taken, you will find comfort for your tired and sore muscles in our vacation escapes. Reserve your favorite today!

The reality of Thanksgiving is that we often don’t feel very thankful for the holiday, as we spend weeks preparing for a single meal that is devoured within minutes. We shop, we clean, we cook, we clean, and then when the meal is done, we clean some more; what is there to be thankful about that? If you are looking for ways to re-discover the spirit of the holiday, however, a Florida getaway and a stay in one of our Rosemary Beach holiday hideaways is the perfect way to do so, and this guide to all that makes a Rosemary Beach Thanksgiving special will ensure that every minute of your stay is filled with fun, excitement, and thankfulness!

30A Thanksgiving 10K, November 25

Every year regret the calories after the biggest feast of the year has been devoured, but since you are doing things differently, why not start out with a pre-emptive Turkey Day 5K? Allowing you to eat all the stuffing you want and not have to choose between chocolate and pumpkin pies, (you can enjoy both!) the 5K and 1-mile Fun Run will burn the calories before you have started consuming! Starting and finishing right here in Rosemary Beach, the views of pristine beaches will help you forget that you are actually exercising on a day devoted to gluttony and thanks!

Dining Out

The best part of getting away from home on Thanksgiving is being able to enjoy the fruits of someone elses labors; in other words, letting someone else do the cooking! The Pearl’s Thanksgiving Buffet, located at 63 Main Street has been a tradition for visitors and residents of Rosemary Beach for almost as long as it has been open and we can promise; this traditional feast tastes so good you will forget that the stuffing is not your Aunt May’s recipe!

Stay Home and Play

We get it. You took one look at the fully equipped kitchens in our Rosemary Beach escapes and all you could think about was stuffing a fat turkey in the oven! Falling in love with our kitchens is just part of the fun you can have while here, especially when you choose a home with a pool or hot tub! Start the day watching the big Thanksgiving Day Parade on state of the art televisions, finish off the big meal with an even bigger cannonball into the pool, and end the day dreaming about holiday lights and Christmas presents in our cloud soft beds! Reserve your favorite Rosemary Beach vacation rental today!

One of our favorite parts of the vacations we take is enjoying a taste of the town we are visiting. We, like you are doing with our Rosemary Beach vacation escapes, will generally rent a place with a fully equipped kitchen, but that by no means keeps us from checking out the restaurants, coffee shops, and diners that make the region we are visiting stay special. Because we recognize kindred spirits, we have compiled this list of some of our favorite can’t-miss restaurants in Rosemary Beach—enjoy!

The Summer Kitchen Café, 78 S Barrett Square

Summer is a season that lasts year-round in the Rosemary Beach community, and when it comes time to enjoy the most important meal of the day, (or the second, or third most important meals of the day!) the Summer Kitchen Café is a great place to start. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and offering a menu filled with the classic breakfast dishes you know and love, plus a few new dishes you will have to try, they also feature a casual lunch menu offering sandwich favorites and burgers. At night, the menu transforms into one of sophistication and elegance, creating a dining experience that should not be missed!

Cowgirl Kitchen, 54 Main Street

Also serving all three meals, today we are going to concentrate on the lunch dishes that provide the perfect amount of flavor for the midday break. You use up a lot of energy while going about doing your touristy activities, and nothing fuels up the body better than the delicious sandwiches, soups, and pizzas served at the Cowgirl Kitchen! Offering everything from the traditional Florida fresh grouper sandwich to the southwestern fish tacos and innovative and delicious pizzas—try the Drunken Cowgirl pizza, made with vodka sauce, cream, garlic, tomatoes, bacon, mozzarella, and a host of veggies, and your life will be changed forever—everything they make is fresh, locally sourced, and totally scrumptious.

Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar, 74 Town Hall Road

Breakfast and lunch are meant to be casual affairs, but when dinnertime rolls around, you want something special to commemorate all the fun you are having during your getaway to the Rosemary Beach community. Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar offers that something special, especially when you take in the views that come with your drinks from your perch high above the community! Sip your favorite cocktails as the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico and tempt your palate with the freshest seafood in town; Sunday brunch is also served from 10:15 AM to 10:30 PM, allowing visitors to sleep in and still enjoy a fabulous meal!

So Many More

Obviously this is just a taste of the delicious restaurants that are conveniently located within the borders of the Rosemary Beach community, but hopefully what we have discussed is good and flavorful start. Reserve your vacation escape today and enjoy the benefits of being able to walk to and from your new favorite restaurants!

Although we do not offer the traditional fall weather, nor are we known for a landscape filled with the fiery colors of autumn, your Halloween visit to the Rosemary Beach community promises to offer all the excitement of the holiday with plenty of beach time and the joy of feeling comfortable and spoiled! Choosing the Rosemary Beach community for your seasonal sanctuary promises to be the best decision you made this year and this guide to all the fun and excitement you can have at Halloween will keep you happily occupied every minute of every day of your stay!

The Sugar Shak, 5 Main Street Suite 2A

There are many nuances to creating the perfect Halloween, but at the end of the day, the most important part is the candy! Gone are the days of accepting popcorn balls in your trick or treating pumpkin, and woe to those who try to be high minded and drop a toothbrush and toothpaste into your pillowcase that is substituting as a bag to hold all the goodies! The Sugar Shak on Main Street knows what you need, offering the candy you remember fondly from your youth and a giant selection of new varieties as well, ensuring that even if you are too old to be trick or treating, you can still munch on the sweet tastes you crave!

Pumpkin Patch, Camp Helen State Park, Saturdays in October from 9 AM-4 PM

Even in sunny Florida you can enjoy the more traditional aspects of fall, including this sweet pumpkin patch that is open every Saturday. Located just minutes away from your fabulous fall escape in the Rosemary Beach community, on Saturday October 23, they will also be offering a showing of “Hocus Pocus” after the sun sinks into the horizon, in addition to featuring hay rides, games, costume contests, and of course, pumpkins you can display in your vacation home away from home! Pumpkins are sold every day of the week, until they sell out completely, but Saturdays are when the fun happens, so be sure to check it out while you’re there!

Horror Movies, Witches Brew, Candy, and Rosemary Beach

Of course, it isn’t necessary to go out on the town to enjoy Halloween in the Rosemary Beach community, especially as your seasonal sanctuary offers all the comforts of home. Pour your haul of candy in a big bowl, whip up a batch of Halloween cocktails in our fully equipped kitchens, and sink into plush and welcoming sofas for a night of binge-watching horror movies any night of your stay! Our state-of-the-art televisions will make you feel as if you are a part of the action, but our comfortable décor will reassure you that you will NOT be the last victim in the slasher film you are watching. Reserve your favorite today!

As you begin to explore the planned community of Rosemary Beach, you may find it quite tame. The homes and condos that all look very much alike, the quiet streets, the tastefully designed shops and restaurants, even the large greenspace where visitors and residents love to hang out all combine to create a utopian sanctuary of peace and quiet, nothing wild seeming to be allowed. But when you look closer, you may see an unusually colored bird singing in the trees, a squirrel rushing from place to place seeking its morning meals, or in the Gulf waters that frame our beautiful community, a whole world of wild living just below its surface. This guide to the best wildlife watching spots in or around the Rosemary Beach community will speak to the wild child that resides deep inside you!

The Butterfly and Community Herb Garden in Rosemary Beach

If you have ever spent a quiet morning watching colorful butterflies flit from flower to flower, you will definitely understand the appeal that draws visitors and residents to our Butterfly and Community Herb Garden, located right here in the Rosemary Beach community. The herbs and plants found here are specifically planted to attract the delicate insects, and even as you lose yourself in the beauty of your moments spent walking along the wooden pathways through this magical garden, knowing that this colorful space is helping the environment makes the journey even sweeter!

Dune Lakes

There are only four places in the entire world that offer dune lakes, and the Florida panhandle is home to 15 gorgeous bodies of water serving a variety of wildlife, quenching their thirst and offering new feeding sources as the circle of life is strong in these dune lakes. Bird watching is the most popular source of wildlife viewing at these dune lakes, so download an app to your phone, grab your binoculars, and prepare to be amazed!

The Underwater Museum of Art, 105 Hogtown Bayou Lane in Santa Rosa Beach

The simple joys of art and sea life combine in the Underwater Museum of Art, located not far from the front door of your Rosemary Beach sanctuary. Offering a uniquely Florida experience that is really located underwater, the sculptures found under the sea are destined to leave you speechless as you explore art that serves a purpose. Each of the sculptures will serve as artificial reefs that will become a habitat for the creatures that make their homes in the sea. Don your scuba gear and prepare to marvel at the gray pineapple and be charmed by the metal dandelion held in a giant hand as you explore the underwater fantasy land you won’t find anywhere else!

Leave the Wild Behind

Coming home to the comforts and luxuries found in our Rosemary Beach community escapes will bring you back to civilization. Reserve yours today!

As the weather turns from hot to warm and the time spent at the beach is cut down by at least an hour due to the shortening of the days, you may not realize that fall is practically the best time to plan a visit to the Rosemary Beach community! The crowds lessen with the kids being back in school, but the weather is still so nice that a day at the beach will be refreshing and relaxing. This guide to our favorite fall activities in the Rosemary Beach community will ensure that every minute you spend with us will be the best minutes of your life.

30A Farmers Market in Rosemary Beach, 28 N Barrett Square

One of the best ways to get to know the place you are visiting is by exploring the local farmers’ market, and our 30A Farmers Market is the perfect example. Offering local produce that is fresh, sweet, and tastes so good when served from the kitchen of your vacation escape, the farmers’ market tells you all you need to know about our beachside village. It also features arts, crafts, baked good, and other items that will make beautiful gifts for family and friends that weren’t lucky enough to get to come along with you on this trip of the lifetime! Open on Sundays from 9 AM until 1 PM, the 30A Farmers Market is the perfect fall adventure.

Rosemary Beach Bonfires

Guests of the Rosemary Beach community are able to enjoy a relaxing bonfire on the beach. For $550, you can hire a Rosemary Beach Service attendant to come host a three-hour bonfire on the beach complete with chairs for up to 20 guests, tables, an ice chest, and skewers. They will take care of all the details, including the required permit, meaning you can simply show up and enjoy! Call (850) 231-1860 to reserve your bonfire service.

Rosemary Beach Uncorked

As the pandemic starts to release its grip on the world, festivals and events are beginning to make their appearance once again, and Rosemary Beach Uncorked is a go, with the proceeds going to help Habitat for Humanity of Walton County and South Walton Academy. Offering the opportunity to sip wine and enjoy fine food as live music plays on yet another glorious day in Florida, this worthy event is destined to be your favorite fall activity! While tickets are sold out, you can still obtain tickets through accommodation packages; call our vacation planners at (866) 348-8952 for more details.

Plan Your Florida Escape

Choosing the Rosemary Beach community as your vacation escape is a great way to enjoy the fall; reserve your favorite sanctuary today!

Shopping during vacation is a time-honored tradition, one you will have plenty of time and plenty of places to do so during your getaway to the Rosemary Beach community, but for those days when you still want a little retail therapy and you don’t want to go far, these favored Rosemary Beach shops will find you everything that you need. Give your credit cards a workout, knowing you won’t have to tote the bags and boxes far at the end of your spree; everything in the Rosemary Beach community is designed to be within walking distance!

Bombora Sun & Surf

It never fails. No matter how hard you try to pack everything you need for your upcoming trip, you are destined to forget something important. Sunglasses, sunscreen, even a forgotten bathing suit can ruin your beachy adventures, but a visit to the 30A Store at Rosemary Beach can be the solution to your absentmindedness! Offering everything beachy and located close to your vacation sanctuary, you can shop quickly and go about the very important business of relaxing on white sands and frolicking in turquoise waters in no time at all.

Rosemary Beach Trading Company

Now whatever you do, do not fill up your arms with prizes from Hissyfits and head home without stopping right next door to see what Rosemary Beach Trading Company has to offer first! This charming souvenir shop is guaranteed to have the perfect gifts for your house sitter, your dog watcher, and your grandmother who doesn’t get out much these days but will appreciate a little something that shows you were thinking about her. Selling everything from abalone to Zen gardens, this store may end up being the only shop you need.


Rosemary Beach Collection + Kids

A new offshoot of the Rosemary Beach Trading Company, they offer a variety of great apparel and home goods items that are bound to catch your eye. Find that perfect kitschy item for your kitchen, a darling outfit for your little ones, coastal wear that will make you feel right at home on the beach, and much more. Rosemary Beach Collection is only growing, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!


Unload Your Prizes

When your red striped wrists simply can’t handle another bag filled with goodies, walking home to unload your prizes won’t take much time out of your day, as your rental property is located just a short walk away. Reserve your stay with us today!

As you spend your days sleeping late, frolicking in the surf, and discovering what wonders 30A has for you next, your Florida getaway to the Rosemary Beach community may seem just about perfect, but there is one thing you are missing. The taste of Florida, set before you in the local diners, cafes, and restaurants, will turn this vacation from ordinary to extraordinary at first bite! Not every meal has to be a grand production, and this guide to our favorite casual places to eat at Rosemary Beach will ensure you will feel at home in every restaurant that you try.

Effin Egg, 13123 E Emerald Coast Parkway STE C

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Effin Egg aims to ensure that it is the tastiest as well! Offering eggs in sandwiches, eggs on plates, and eggs that will soon be in your stomach, this cute spot can only be found in the panhandle and promises to be the breakfast spot you will fall in love with.

30A Burger, 12805 US-98 E101

Yes, you are surrounded by seafood that is sweet and delicious, but sometimes you just need a thick and juicy burger! 30A Burger has a menu destined to hit the spot when those cravings arise, offering burgers, chicken sandwiches, and a taste of Florida that is just right. Order a glass of wine to go with your spicy chicken sandwich, a cold beer to go with the 30A Bacon burger or forget the burgers altogether and stop in for a thick and frosty shake; the Banana Pudding Shake will instantly transport you back to your grandma’s kitchen!

Crabby Steve’s Bar & Gulfside Restaurant, 10254 E County Highway 30A

Just the name alone will bring a smile to your face, and when you sample their seafood delights, you might just want to take up residence at their Gulf front tables! Offering your favorite casual eats, drinks, and a surfside view of that fabulous Florida sunset, every bite will be your favorite. If this is your first time in our beautiful state, be sure to order a Rum Runner to go along with your fish tacos; you won’t be disappointed!

The Kitchen of Your Rosemary Beach Escape

Obviously, the most casual of places are ones where pants are optional, and as you go about your business of seeking out fun in the Rosemary Beach community, enjoying a few of the meals in your fully equipped kitchens will be inexpensive, delicious, and cooked exactly how you crave. Reserve your spot on the beach with us today!

Oh how far we have come from the early days of travel. While once we only had the choice of two double beds, two queen beds, or one king in the cramped and sterile hotel rooms we crammed our entire families into, now we have choices. We can choose between condos, cottages, and townhomes. We can choose the carefree beach life or sophisticated city living. And when you pick the Rosemary Beach community for your Florida vacation rentals, you are choosing luxury, comfort, style, and convenience! This guide to the property options available to you in the Rosemary Beach community may make your decisions harder at first, but so much more worth it in the end!

Location Matters

Now the location of your property in the Rosemary Beach community is actually a simple choice: Do you want something closer to the shops and restaurants, or do you prefer being right at the beach, letting the sounds of the surf lull you into a deep and uninterrupted sleep every night?

Cozy Condo or Cottage?

This choice thing is wonderful, especially because there are no wrong choices in the Rosemary Beach community, and again this choice is simple. Smaller families or couples often decide that a beachfront condo with a balcony is their best option, while larger traveling groups will go for the cottage that is spacious and offers room to spread out. A property on the beach, however, offers the ultimate in luxuries and can make your vacation dreams come true, so this third option is often quite a popular one.

The Amenities

Forget about room service and a free newspaper shoved under your door every morning; you are a discerning traveler, and you want to be pampered and spoiled during your Florida getaway! You want large kitchens with the latest in upscale appliances, and if your property comes with an outdoor kitchen as well, all the better! Theater rooms with large screens and comfy recliners offer the perfect way to fill a few rainy hours, and game rooms with pool tables and game consoles make your teen almost crack a smile. Swimming pools and hot tubs, outdoor fireplaces, and of course the balcony with million-dollar views will make you happy while soft beds, plush sofas, and air conditioning will ensure that you are rested too!

The Best Choice You Will Make

Choosing the Rosemary Beach community for your vacation accommodations is the best choice you will make this year. Reserve your favorite property today!

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