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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

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Blue Dolphin Tours

Panama City Beach is the ideal destination for those looking for exploration out on the water. The city features miles of beautiful sandy beaches that stretch out along the shore. While the beach is a wonderful spot to relax, you will be pleasantly surprised with what is waiting for you in the water. Panama City Beach is host to a pod of resident bottlenose dolphins who stay in the area all year round. These dolphins not only are super curious creatures but also incredibly friendly. Blue Dolphin Tours wants to show all Panama City Beach visitors just how much fun they are to see in person.

Small Vessel Tours

Blue Dolphin Tours makes sure you will get to experience these loveable creatures in person during every voyage. They achieve that by using smaller boats instead of larger tour boats. Each vessel only carries up to six individuals making sure there is just enough room for your group. Larger groups will often frighten the animals and scare them off. Blue Dolphin Tours also lets you jump into the water so you can swim with the dolphins too! This works by having you jump into the water before the dolphins are in the area. With you already in the water, the dolphins will be less likely to be scared by your presence. Your captain will help you find the safest and best way to interact with the dolphins, ensuring you an incredible time out on the water.

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Additional Animals to Find

You will find more than just dolphins off the coast of Panama City Beach. The area is also known for sea turtles, sea horses, sting rays, starfish, and much more. As you peek down into the water, you will witness an environment unlike anything else.

Scheduling Your Dolphin Tours

There is no time like the present to start planning for your trek to Panama City Beach. Reservations for Blue Dolphin Tours are available in advance. You can even call for same day bookings by calling 850-236-3467. However, reservations in advance are highly recommended since this activity is extremely popular in Panama City Beach.

Your Guide to a Florida Coastal Getaway

Florida is an extremely popular destination for vacations for good reason. Come see what all the excitement is all about by reserving one of our vacation rentals in the Rosemary Beach® community. Call today and get set up in a vacation rental practically designed just for you! Click here and explore our amazing Weekly vacation rentals in Rosemary Beach.

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