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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

Rosemary Beach

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Winter Activities in Rosemary Beach®

Florida’s year-round warmth and sun is what makes it a great place for a getaway no matter when you need a break. A stroll on the beach is always a must, but when the water is a bit too cold for a swim – the water can be anywhere from 57-64 degrees in the winter months – there are plenty of indoor or non-water activities in Rosemary Beach to enjoy.

Seaside Repertory Theatre

Skip the movie theater and take in a live show. Seaside Repertory Theatre holds performances in their 75-seat theatre or takes their talent out in the community. The non-profit group is run by professionals and volunteers and brings shows like Pinocchio, storybook theatre, and even live music from local artists, they keep the guests and residents of the Rosemary Beach community and the surrounding area entertained.

Museum of Man in the Sea

While man has walked on solid ground for thousands of years, it has only been a small sliver of time where we have had the technology to go below the surface of the water that sustains Earth and many of its creatures. When it’s a bit chilly to take a swim in the sea, head to the Museum of Man in the Sea and check out displays like U.S. Navy SEALAB I, the world’s first underwater living facility. Marvel at the U.S. Navy Deep Dive System Mark I, an experimental dive system from 1968, or browse how commercial diving has changed with the variations of specially designed underwater gear. The museum has limited hours, only open 10-4 Thursday through Sunday. Ask about special rates for military (with ID) and seniors ages 65 and up.

Emerald Coast Mirror Maze

Indoor fun for the whole family can be found within the walls of the Emerald Coast Mirror Maze. The 2,300-square-foot mirror maze will keep you turning circles trying to find your way out. Or compete in 1,800-square-foot Pirate’s Quest laser tag arena. Or experience what it might be to be a secret agent as you twist and weave through the laser challenge. Move slowly and stealthily to make your getaway undetected. Hit a laser and suffer a penalty added on at the end of the round.

Emerald Coast Science Center

The museum is fun for the whole family, any time of year. While you may want to explore inside to the fullest during the winter, there are several outdoor exhibits as well. Exhibits like interactive robotic units, engineering, physics, electricity, color, light, sound, and more are all available for you to explore.  Learn about space, the Emerald Coast ecosystem, or conduct an experiment in the lab or make a creation in the makerspace. Step outside to outdoor exhibits like the marine exhibit – an exhibit in a boat that shows you just what it takes to keep a craft afloat, how radio communication is possible, and the engineering behind boat building. Stay outside and stop by the Dino Dig Pit to discover something of mammoth proportions.


For a different way to spend some time indoors when the Florida weather is cool, try a cooking class. Kitchenique Cooking School offers cooking classes taught by some of the best local chefs. Beginners looking for tips or seasoned home cooks looking for new recipes will enjoy a lesson. They even offer hands-on lessons for kids.

Holiday Farmer’s Market

While the Rosemary Beach Farmer’s Market is a year-round market, the addition of special holiday wears in the winter months make the market a can’t-miss if you’re in the area. From holiday flavors to holiday trinkets, you’ll find something you want for yourself or a loved one.

Winter Solstice Run

If you’re in the area around the winter solstice, lace up your running shoes. The all-day “ultra-run” starts at sunrise at the westernmost point of Scenic 30A in the Rosemary Beach community and continues for 40 miles along the beaches, around lakes, and through forests until sunset. If the activity itself isn’t enough to keep you warm, the day is sponsored by Amavida Coffee Roasters, and they provide the warm beverages to keep you going.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Interesting exhibits, strange exhibits, odd artwork, and many more displays and experiences that will have the whole family saying, “I can’t believe it!” Visit the Odditorium, a place filled with the weird and amazing, where you’ll see shrunken heads and records of the world’s largest waistline! You have to see all of these things to believe them (or not). Once you’ve been amazed by all of the oddities, take a seat in a moving 3D theater for a show, tackle the mirror maze, or attempt the Impossible Laser Race.

Winter Activities in Florida

Begin and end every day of your winter activities in Rosemary Beach in a comfortable vacation rental. Enjoy the privacy of one of our luxury condos. Choose from a cozy studio for an intimate experience, all the way up to a sprawling seven bedroom to stay and play in luxury with friends or family.