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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

Rosemary Beach

78 N Barrett Square, Unit B

Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

Christmas 2021 in the Rosemary Beach® Community


This year you decided to do things differently for Christmas. You are tired of waking up to gloomy skies and suffering from frozen fingers and toes, and the idea of a beachy Christmas in Florida appealed to your happier instincts; choosing our Rosemary Beach rentals was the natural next step! Our homes are destined to be an integral part of your festive experience, and because we want your Christmas to...

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Rosemary Beach Racquet Club


The best vacations are the ones that are jam-packed with fun adventures, new learning experiences, and of course, all the comforts of home found in your vacation rental, and when you choose the Rosemary Beach® community for your accommodations, you will reach new levels of vacation perfection—especially if tennis is your game or the sport you have been dying to learn, as our Rosemary Beach Racquet Club is what makes...

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Enjoy a Thanksgiving 2021 Getaway to the Rosemary Beach® Community


The reality of Thanksgiving is that we often don’t feel very thankful for the holiday, as we spend weeks preparing for a single meal that is devoured within minutes. We shop, we clean, we cook, we clean, and then when the meal is done, we clean some more; what is there to be thankful about that? If you are looking for ways to re-discover the spirit of the holiday, however,...

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Can’t-Miss Local Restaurants in the Rosemary Beach® Community


One of our favorite parts of the vacations we take is enjoying a taste of the town we are visiting. We, like you are doing with our Rosemary Beach vacation escapes, will generally rent a place with a fully equipped kitchen, but that by no means keeps us from checking out the restaurants, coffee shops, and diners that make the region we are visiting stay special. Because we recognize kindred...

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Things to Do for Halloween in the Rosemary Beach® Community


Although we do not offer the traditional fall weather, nor are we known for a landscape filled with the fiery colors of autumn, your Halloween visit to the Rosemary Beach community promises to offer all the excitement of the holiday with plenty of beach time and the joy of feeling comfortable and spoiled! Choosing the Rosemary Beach community for your seasonal sanctuary promises to be the best decision you made...

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Wildlife Watching Spots Near the Rosemary Beach® Community


As you begin to explore the planned community of Rosemary Beach, you may find it quite tame. The homes and condos that all look very much alike, the quiet streets, the tastefully designed shops and restaurants, even the large greenspace where visitors and residents love to hang out all combine to create a utopian sanctuary of peace and quiet, nothing wild seeming to be allowed. But when you look closer,...

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Our Favorite Fall Activities in the Rosemary Beach® Community


As the weather turns from hot to warm and the time spent at the beach is cut down by at least an hour due to the shortening of the days, you may not realize that fall is practically the best time to plan a visit to the Rosemary Beach community! The crowds lessen with the kids being back in school, but the weather is still so nice that a day...

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Our Favorite Local Shops in the Rosemary Beach® Community


Shopping during vacation is a time-honored tradition, one you will have plenty of time and plenty of places to do so during your getaway to the Rosemary Beach community, but for those days when you still want a little retail therapy and you don’t want to go far, these favored Rosemary Beach shops will find you everything that you need. Give your credit cards a workout, knowing you won’t have...

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Casual Dining Spots Near the Rosemary Beach® Community


As you spend your days sleeping late, frolicking in the surf, and discovering what wonders 30A has for you next, your Florida getaway to the Rosemary Beach community may seem just about perfect, but there is one thing you are missing. The taste of Florida, set before you in the local diners, cafes, and restaurants, will turn this vacation from ordinary to extraordinary at first bite! Not every meal has...

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Property Options Available in the Rosemary Beach® Community


Oh how far we have come from the early days of travel. While once we only had the choice of two double beds, two queen beds, or one king in the cramped and sterile hotel rooms we crammed our entire families into, now we have choices. We can choose between condos, cottages, and townhomes. We can choose the carefree beach life or sophisticated city living. And when you pick the...

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