As winter begins to release its hold on the rest of the nation, Rosemary Beach also rejoices in the upcoming season, but for entirely different reasons. There has been no long months of cold, snow, and ice, and the flowers, bushes, and trees are as green and lush as they are in the summer months. In the spring, however, the air holds a quiet warmth, a pre-cursor to the heat that is rapidly approaching and the softness of the environment encourages everyone to get out and play. Springtime Picnic In Rosemary Beach, FL is the perfect time for afternoon strolls along sugar white sands, evenings spent on rooftop patios sipping mojitos and listening to live music, and for the romantics amongst us, there is no better time to enjoy a picnic. This guide includes the Best Places For A Springtime Picnic In Rosemary Beach, FL.

The Rosemary Beach Greens

Throughout the Rosemary Beach community you will find many green spaces that are designed to bring people together in a variety of different ways, with picnics being a key activity. Playground Park allows young families to picnic together while the littles burn off energy on the impressive and colorful playground equipment. Garden enthusiasts may prefer the atmosphere and ambience at the East Long Green Park where a beautiful knot garden adds serenity and style. The fountain at North Barrett Square is popular for picnics or for enjoying the delicious ice cream flavors served at Charlie’s Café at Rosemary; not all picnics have to involve the consumption of an entire meal!

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Springtime Picnic In Rosemary Beach, FL

If the water is still a little chilly for Spring visitors, there are still ways to enjoy the beach at Rosemary Beach. Sunset and sunrise strolls are popular, but it’s the picnics enjoyed here that will make memories. Keep it simple with sandwiches and sodas or go all out with a takeout meal from Edwards Fine Food and Wine. Order online and bring your blanket and beach chairs for an impressive meal accompanied by the music of the sea.

On the Patio of your Rosemary Beach Seasonal Sanctuary

That balcony with the incredible views of the Gulf in one of these gulf view Rosemary Beach rentals, the patio that sits just steps away from the sugar white sands of Rosemary Beach, or even the deck that surrounds the private pool of your luxury escape; every home we feature offers the perfect place for a private picnic you will never forget. Reserve your favorite today!