All roads lead to fun in the sun when you choose Rosemary Beach for your spring road trip and when you choose one of our Rosemary Beach vacation escapes for your accommodations, vacation life just keeps getting better! Place an X on the map to mark your destination and discover all these ways to have the trip of a lifetime. Our guide to your Spring Road Trip To Rosemary Beach, Florida will ensure every minute will be exciting, luxurious, and comfortable!

Get the Kinks Out

Road trips are fun, until they aren’t and that usually starts to occur after the 57th are we there yet or right about the time your bottom half grows numb and your knees start to complain about being tucked into the tight space between the pedals of your car and the seat! Which is why the first thing you should do upon arrival (after dropping your bags in the room of your choice and exploring the amenities of your Rosemary Beach seasonal sanctuary) is head straight to Vivo Spa 30A! Located at 32461, 8 Georgetown Avenue and offering a variety of services, the staff at Vivo will transport you to a new level of relaxation!

Sunset Strolls on the Beach on Your Florida Road Trip

Not all adventures have to be large ones, but we think you will find that a sunset stroll along the white sand beaches of Rosemary Beach will be one of the most memorable parts of your stay. Floridians love their sunsets, for very good reason as you will soon see, and whether you are seeing it for the first, the 50th, or the millionth time, the sight will stop you in your tracks. This walk offers the ultimate in Florida experiences as you feel your toes digging in the wet sand and the warm waters of the gulf snaking around your ankles adding to the drama in the sky as the sun sinks into the horizon in a fiery explosion of color!

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30A Farmers Market, 28 N Barrett Square

Although the Farmers Market is open year round, a spring visit on a lazy Sunday is an experience that has to be enjoyed at least once in your life. Open only on Sundays from 9 AM until 1 PM, it is the perfect place to pick up farm fresh produce, homemade baked goods, and even natural skincare products that will help soothe the sunburn you may have received during your sunset stroll on Rosemary Beach! Also offering a great place to pick up a few gifts to bring home to your house sitter, dog watcher, or mail picker-upper, the farmers market never fails to impress.

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