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Amavida Coffee Roasters

Are you looking to take your vacation coffee experience to the next level? Sure, you could keep going to the chain cafes that have the exact same drinks you get on your way to work every day. Or, you could stop in to Amavida Coffee Roasters in Rosemary Beach and enjoy a cup of joe you can really feel good about.

Love Coffee, Love Life at Amavida Coffee Roasters

Born from the Spanish words for love and life, the name Amavida embodies their commitments and purpose. At Amavida Coffee Florida, they have a worldview broader than simply pouring the prefect brew. From growing, harvesting, and roasting, they think about the impact of our daily coffee at every step, long before you step in the door and savor the rich aromas of the roasted beans. Amivida truly strives to operate in a way that mirrors their values, including building relationships where it matters, cultivating production standards that allow respect and dialogue, and being transparent about their sources and practices. They approach relationships with a view to sustainability, be it with the environment, suppliers, farmers, employees or customers, and are proud that this has had a positive impact on the lives of the coffee farmers and the communities they are a part of.

A Mission to Be Friendly and Fair

Every purchase we as consumers make is a choice, a vote with a transaction. Amavida Coffee Florida wants to help us make better ones. They are on a mission to offer quality coffees that allow you to choose to support small farmers and ethical sources. A member of Cooperative Coffees, Amavida sources their organic coffees from Fair Trade cooperatives that are in place to ensure fair wages to their members. And even beyond fair wages, Cooperative Coffees members work together to help coffee growers earn a sustainable income year-round and supporting the use of environmentally safe agriculture practices.

Coffee for Good

If you agree it’s time we all step up and take responsibility for the impact of our coffee addictions, stop in and visit with the knowledgeable staff at Amivida Coffee Roasters on your next vacation. They’ll make you an amazing brewed creation, and you can feel good knowing they’ve taken the extra steps to ensure the coffee is sourced and prepared sustainably. And when you leave Rosemary Beach, you can still enjoy responsible coffee daily by taking advantage of their Reserve Coffee Subscription, and get an unforgettable limited release, small batch roasted bean selection delivered right to you! Look them up today! You can find them at 104 North Barrett Square, Unit 1A Lofts West, in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Stop by for an amazing morning!