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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

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Christmas Guide to Rosemary Beach

Like any other holiday, Christmas is a time many opt to spend with the ones they love, and what better place to visit than the breathtaking Rosemary Beach? This stunning Emerald Coast is a treasured holiday destination attracting travelers worldwide. Whether you are lovers on a honeymoon, a family craving quality time after a busy year, or friends seeking to reconnect, this slice of heaven is open to all. Including the awe-inspiring beach, there is much more to this town that you can do, see, and have a splendid holiday. If you are looking for a Christmas full of Rosemary Beach activities and fun you will never forget, then this Rosemary Beach Christmas guide is for you.

Shop ‘til You Drop

Shopping is one of the Rosemary Beach activities to engage in during the Christmas season, and luckily, the inviting Rosemary Beach has an array of appealing shops begging to be explored. Boasting everything from fun and eccentric to chic and sophisticated, these family-friendly shops have everything you need to make your Christmas memorable. Whether you want to buy something for yourself as a reminder of this place or want to get a gift for the people you love back home, this haven has it all. From unique handmade souvenirs to books and toys, you will leave these stores with your hands full and your heart beaming. The best part is that as you shop, you will get the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn everything about the enticing past and culture of this place.

Visit the Sugar Shark

Are you wondering what to do when you are not in your vacation home watching Christmas-related movies or singing carols? Well, whether you are one with a sweet tooth craving satisfaction or a family with youngsters looking for something exciting to do, heading to the loved Sugar Shark is a fantastic way to spend this particular season here. This prominent candy store has delectable treats such as ice cream that ensure your taste buds are pleased. You will also find other goodies like the flavorsome jelly beans, lollipops, and some well-known chocolates, such as Hershey’s and Reese’s, which you can buy.

Go Hiking and Biking

While most parts of the country might have layers of snow during Christmas, the case is different in the majestic Rosemary Beach. Though the weather sometimes tends to be chilly, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore this fantastic place. If you love bikes, you can rent one and tour this area at your pace as you make frequent stops taking in the charming panorama. With several trails in this spot, you can’t go wrong with whichever one you find yourself on. Along the way, you can be sure to pass through state parks, beach access points, and others. Alternatively, you can have a solo or fun family time out hiking the local trails when the weather is warm in the afternoons. You can stop and take pictures as you absorb the refreshing fresh air filling the atmosphere.

Have a Mouthwatering Meal

No Christmas is complete without coming together as friends or family and having a delicious feast. When not preparing something from your holiday rental, you can sample local and international cuisines from the tempting restaurants. Whether you are looking forward to sharing a bottle of wine or a tantalizing dish with your loved ones, Rosemary Beach has it all to make your Christmas special. Some restaurants to check out while in this paradise include the captivating Havana Beach Bar and Grill, Pescado, Edward’s Fine Food and Wine, La Crema, and Cowgirl Kitchen, among many others. Whatever you need to leave this area with your bellies delighted, you will get it.

Stay in Style

Getting an elegant place to stay is essential when on vacation. Fortunately, Rosemary Beach has many hotels and vacation abodes begging to make your stay here exceptional. Whether you are a solo traveler, a family with young ones, a group of friends on a Christmas escape, a pet lover exploring with your fur friends, or newlyweds on honeymoon, we have everything for everyone. The spacious living rooms in our holiday rentals are filled with large-screen televisions, ensuring you don’t get bored, while the plush sofas give you much-needed comfort after a long day. The well-equipped kitchens make sure you don’t stay hungry on the days you don’t feel like eating out. You will find everything from top-notch appliances to premium dishes that will give you a world-class experience as you bite into your meal. The bedrooms en-suited with clean bathrooms are not forgotten. From the state-of-arts-beds to the soft silky pillows and vast windows letting in fresh air and light, you can be sure to have a good night of rest.

Book an Unforgettable Rosemary Beach Christmas Vacation

If spending this loved season in Rosemary Beach is on your bucket list, contact us today to reserve an accommodation spot that will ensure you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. With everything from our holiday rentals oozing nothing short of luxury, you can be sure to make our abodes your Christmas destination every year.