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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

Rosemary Beach

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Thanksgiving Guide to Rosemary Beach

America is a land of traditions with holidays to represent some landmark events. Thanksgiving, for example, is meant to appreciate the harvest and a great past year. Traditionally, this celebration has largely been about attending parades and preparing turkey savories. Celebrating Thanksgiving in the same old style over and over again gets monotonous with time. Shifting to something more exciting like a Rosemary Beach getaway will be great for your family. With Rosemary’s family-friendly vibes, sandy beach shores, and Rosemary Beach, Florida activities galore, you will understand why Florida is among the top tourist destinations globally. Read our Rosemary Beach Thanksgiving guide below to understand why Rosemary Beach is best suited for a Thanksgiving getaway.

Top Rosemary Beach Thanksgiving Activities to Explore

The perfect way to kick start your holidaying experience in Rosemary Beach is by strolling around the shores. The walk along the shores of the ocean orients you to Florida’s charming weather. It prepares you psychologically for an unparalleled beach experience. You can take off your shoes to feel the warmth of heated sugar-like sand beneath your feet. When you have enough of the beach walk, it is now time to immerse yourself in the world of salty waters. You don’t have to be a good swimmer to enjoy this beach. The shores are shallow yet deep enough for you to have a great sea experience. You can as well rent a floater for maximum safety.

Water sports are a crucial part of the Rosemary Beach experience. There’s a wide range of water activities to explore beyond swimming. Key among them are kayaking and surfing. Surfing is such an adrenaline-filled sport that teaches you the art of balancing. If you are new to this kind of sport, there are trainers in designated parts of the beach. They will guide you accordingly.

Waterskiing and deep sea fishing are other crucial Rosemary Beach, Florida activities to try during your vacation in this beach. Join the fishing team early in the morning or late in the evening for a unique experience of the sea. If you have some extra energy to spare, you can take part in rowing and canoeing. These types of activities are not for the faint-hearted as the waves can sometimes become so cruel. But who doesn’t like those nerve-jerking moments once in a while anyway?

Even after a fruitful day exploring some of the watersports, you are not done with the sea yet. This time around, you are in for a blue dolphin tour. Although these dolphins are not in Rosemary Beach itself, that boat ride to Panama City Beach is a unique experience on its own. Dolphins are super-friendly creatures you will find jumping from one end of the sea to the next while on the cruise. Once the dolphin exploration is complete, a beach bonfire will be a great way to pass time by the beach side. You can sit around the fire and tell all those stories you have heard about the sea. Let the fire run for the better part of the evening to keep the fun alive.

Shopping is a wonderful holiday experience you can’t ignore. The town is walkable, making it easy for you to stroll from one store to the next in search of valuables. Whether it is a fashion item, a piece of jewelry, or one of those sea ornaments, look around and you will find them. Such items will be a souvenir of an eventful Rosemary Beach experience.

Dining and Wining

Rosemary Beach is the place to be if you are a food junkie. The region is home to multiple dining spots offering a wide range of food options. The most pronounced of them all is the seafood option, and they don’t disappoint. From fish tacos to lobster linguini, there is never a shortage of seafood options in this part of the world. Apart from seafood, you can as well enjoy your pizza and favorite steak to embrace your American side. When the dining part is done, there is the wining segment to explore. Most restaurants in the area a fitted with a rooftop bar. Sipping your favorite glass of wine while enjoying those wonderful views of the ocean is such a defining moment.

Where to Stay in Rosemary Beach

Where you stay while vacationing in Rosemary Beach can easily make or break your experience. With all the luxury that awaits you in the area, you will need an equally exciting vacation rental to reciprocate that same energy. We have a collection of Rosemary Beach rentals for you to choose from. Furnished with private pools, summer kitchen setups, and a wide gulf view, our properties will help you create lasting memories. Finding the right accommodation for your Rosemary Beach experience shouldn’t always be a daunting task. Contact us today to book your vacation rental. Our team will be happy to help you find comfortable accommodation.