Patti Tindall

Manager & Personal Trainer

Patti is certified as a Personal Trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine. She also has received training from the YMCA covering youth and adult strength training as well as proper equipment use. Patti has implemented programs to transition individuals released from physical therapy and young adults with special needs back into public fitness environments.

With twenty years of strength training experience, running six marathons, and many half marathons, Patti has learned that no single exercise regimen is best. It is through a variety of carefully designed exercise programs that include cardiovascular, strength, resistance, flexibility and balance training to achieve all fitness goals. Exercises that motivate, energize, and challenge us will make exercise part of your daily life forever!

Ashley Horodnyckye

Personal Trainer

Ashley has passion for fitness, health and overall well-being. She wants to teach and coach others to achieve their fitness goals to improve their overall health and lifestyle. Originally from Dallas, she has earned her Bachelors of Science with a minor in Kinesiology and graduate studies in Education & Kinesiology. She has earned her Personal Training Certificate and participated in the Physical Fitness Training Program at Cooper Aerobic Institute of Dallas.

Training in several athletic sports including college cheerleading, cross country, track, dance, volleyball, basketball and body building, Ashley is also a member of the National Physique Committee. She regularly earns medals in 5K and 10K competetive races.

William Rieger

Personal Trainer

Military professional with expertise in the field of health & fitness program development and execution. Director of the Army Physical Fitness Training Program and Commandant of US Army Physical Fitness School. Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Motor Development. Certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise, and the Cooper Institue of Aerobic Research.

Melissa Davis

Yoga Instructor

After practicing and living yoga, Melissa studied at Dragonfly Yoga in Destin and completed her teacher training. She is a 200-hour registered yoga therapist and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. Melissa teaches in the Hatha style, and her students enjoy her personal attention, as she tailors each class to the participants and their needs on that day. Besides teaching group sessions, Melissa is available for private yoga instruction, guiding those who wish to deepen their practice. Melissa, an artist and mother of two, is a year round Rosemary Beach resident.