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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

Rosemary Beach

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Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

How To Get Around Rosemary Beach

Florida hosts some of the country’s best vacation spots, with Rosemary Beach being one of the stand-out destinations. This coastal town has been a favorite among vacationers for years, thanks to its marvelous weather, pristine beaches, and numerous attractions. If you plan to make this Sunshine State gem your next holiday destination, here’s how to get around Rosemary Beach. 

How To Get Around Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach features numerous paved sidewalks that are biker and pedestrian-friendly. The town even has an 18.6-mile biking trail traversing beach communities and coastal dune lakes, making biking the best way to get around. Some of the town’s most renowned bike rental shops include Salt Air 30A, 30A Bike Rentals, and Pedego Electric Bikes 30A. Biking helps burn those calories while providing an excellent chance to soak in the beautiful Floridian sun. Bikes offer easy access to attractions such as Grayton Beach, Camp Helen State Park, and Timpoochee Trail. 

Hire a Golf Cart

If you’re traveling to Rosemary Beach with your kids or don’t fancy hopping on a bike, golf carts are an excellent option. Carts have been a long-time favorite among visitors thanks to their convenience and agility. Rosemary Beach hosts several golf cart companies, including 30A Elite Cart Rentals, South Walton Carts, and Electric Cart Company. The carts can carry up to six people, making them an easy means for ferrying family members around town. Golf carts allow quick movement from place to place while providing shade from the Floridian sun. 

Hop on a Shuttle

Shuttles offer an excellent alternative to driving and are convenient for getting to various destinations without the tourist rush. Rosemary Beach offers a free local shuttle that typically runs during peak season between late May to early September. The town also features several private shuttle services, including 30A On Demand, Antmans 30A Shuttle, and Get A Goober. 

Take the Turtle Express

The Turtle Express is a free local trolley passing through picturesque local streets from Seaside to Dune Allen. The trolley passes through numerous stops, giving you easy access to shopping centers and restaurants. It operates from noon to midnight throughout the summer. 

Book Your Vacation Rental

As you plan your getaway, Rosemary Beach offers impeccable well-furnished rentals with ample amenities for the ultimate Florida holiday. Our rentals lie near the Gulf, giving you easy access to seaside attractions and activities. Contact us today to book and experience the thrill of Rosemary Beach. Contact us today to book one of our stunning Rosemary Beach vacation home rentals, ultimately making your escape extraordinary. Book our 2024 condo rentals in Rosemary beach here.