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Rosemary Beach

78 N Barrett Square, Unit B

Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

La Crema Tapas

If you are looking for a relaxed European dining experience to share with friends on your next vacation, then La Crema Tapas is the Rosemary Beach restaurant for you. Inspired by the casual, open dining style of Madrid and Barcelona, the La Crema menu, combined with their beautiful courtyard setting, creates a dynamic and unique experience you won’t soon forget.

What Are Tapas?

Originating in Spain, Tapas are, in essence, small plates or starters designed to be enjoyed with a drink and shared between friends. They can be as simple as a skewer of olives or a dip of hummus. At La Crema, the options are nearly endless. Order one to enjoy with a glass of wine or choose several and make it a complete meal. The La Crema Cheese Tasting gives you a selection of three artisan cheeses, fresh grilled bread, local honey, almonds and fruit. For something a little more substantial, go for the Fish Tacos, Steak Tostadas, or Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms. They also have a selection of paellas, a traditional Spanish saffron rice dish, made with veggies, meats and seafood. And for the little ones, they have several Kiddie Tapas, including grilled cheese, chicken fingers and pasta.

Chocolate Dipped Indulgence at La Cremates Tapas

The Spaniards are known for introducing Europe to chocolate in the mid-1500s, and soon its popularity spread. Londoners even opened chocolate houses that became meeting places for the fashionable and elite to enjoy this new luxury beverage. Le Crema’s Sipping Chocolate pays an indulgent homage to the original Spanish delicacy. Other luscious chocolate delights include dark, milk or white chocolate fondue, served with fruits and pound cake for dipping, Hot Chocolate Molten Cake, the OMG, an espresso cream and cookie sandwich, and Chocolate Dipped Bacon.

Wine, Beer, and Other Important Beverages

Wine aficionados rejoice! La Crema boasts a wide selection of wines, expertly chosen to pair with any of their tapas or chocolates. With more than ten red wines, eight white wines, ports, roses, sangrias and mimosas, they will make sure you don’t go home thirsty. If you prefer a nice cold beer, they have several domestic and craft beers available. Need a caffeine boost? Try a cappuccino, latte, chai tea or any of their other classic espresso drinks or teas.

Can’t Miss Location

If you’re done reading about wine, chocolate and tapas and are ready to get out there and enjoy them, head down to 38 Main Street in Rosemary Beach. They are open Sunday – Thursday 11 – 8:30 and Friday and Saturday until 9. Don’t miss out, add La Crema to your Rosemary Beach must-visit restaurants list today! Plan a Summer trip to Rosemary Beach today and reserve your spot at one of our amazing Summer vacation rentals.