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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

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Winter Holiday Vacation Guide to Rosemary Beach

While winter in most of the U.S. comes with snow and sleet, Florida winters remain warm and toasty. The area’s pristine year-round weather makes it the perfect destination for a riveting wintertime getaway. If you’re planning a winter vacation in Florida, look to the buzzing town of Rosemary Beach. This buzzing town hosts diverse indoor and outdoor attractions, making it a wintertime favorite among vacationers. Here’s the ultimate winter holiday vacation guide to Rosemary Beach. 

Winter Holiday Vacation Guide to Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach hosts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches for the ultimate Gulf-front experience. The seashore along Rosemary Beach offers a quaint and comfortable relaxation spot, thanks to its soft sand and ample amenities. Check out the local restaurants for a tasty bite or grab your favorite items at one of the shopping centers. Inlet Beach is one of two public beaches near Rosemary Beach, offering a robust collection of attractions, including high-end specialty shops, boutiques, and new eateries. Spend the day walking the soft, sugar-white sands as you take in the beauty of the Gulf’s emerald waters. After your Gulf escapades, settle down for a meal at the famous Terrace Restaurant or enjoy a delightful coffee and donuts at Café Aroma. Santa Rosa Beach is Rosemary Beach’s second public beach, featuring several impressive attractions. Hit the Gulf for an epic paddleboarding experience, enjoy a craft beer at Grayton Beer Company, and then soak up the sunset at Vue as you relish chef Isley Whyte’s tasty creations. 

Head Out on a Boat Tour

Boat tours are the best way to explore the vast waters of the Gulf of Mexico and experience the fullness of its grandeur. For an unparalleled boating experience, look to 30A Yacht Charters in Panama City Beach. They offer seven thrilling boating experiences, including 12-passenger double-decker and single-decker rentals for an epic excursion of the Gulf with family, friends, or colleagues. If you’re an avid angler looking for the fishing expedition of your dreams, book the luxurious 32-foot inshore fishing charter or the 47-foot Buddy Davis yacht for a deep-sea fishing experience. Enjoy a deluxe boating experience on the Executive Yacht Charter aboard the 70-foot Johnson or 75-foot Princess, ideal for up to 12 passengers. Each vessel features a spacious lounge and a cozy back deck to relax as you take in the gorgeous Gulf views. The charters last at least four hours, giving you ample time to soak in the sweet sunshine and take as many pics as your heart desires. The Aviara is an excellent way to spend the day at Crab Island as you unwind on the turquoise waters of the Mexican Gulf. The boat has enough room for up to 12 people, offering several amenities, including a refrigerator, a stove, and decking. 

Enjoy a Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing combines the thrill of an aerial adventure with a boating session, giving you unparalleled views of the Gulf and the surrounding area. Parasailing involves an open parachute attached to a boat via a harness. As the vessel accelerates across the water’s surface, the parachute fills with wind, launching you hundreds of feet in the air. Paradise Watersports is one of Rosemary Beach’s most renowned parasailing companies, offering parasailing tours in Panama City Beach and Shell Island. As you soar above the Gulf, you may see bottlenose dolphins, sting rays, or occasional manatees as they traverse the emerald blue waters. They offer a 360 GoPro Video package to capture the moment as you enjoy panoramic views of the water and beaches. The Panama City Beach experience features the Scaredy Cat package that lasts two miles and the Trill Seeker package that lasts three to four miles. If you choose the Shell Island package, choose from the Early Bird, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and Extreme packages. As you prepare for your parasailing adventure, wear cozy swimming attire and leave behind accessories such as sunglasses and hats since they tend to fall in the water. 

Relish a Culinary Experience

Rosemary Beach has an impressive collection of world-class eateries ready to tickle your taste buds. For a sumptuous breakfast, head to Cowgirl Kitchen and sample their delightfully delicious morning options. Choose an All-American breakfast, Mexican Tacos, Chipotle Breakfast Sandwich, French Toast, Praline Bacon, Cheese Grits, or a Big Green Egg Sandwich. Other popular breakfast spots in town include Donut Hole, Big Bad Breakfast, and Fish Out of Water. 

For lunch, check out La Crema and relish their rich Spanish menu. Their popular tapas list includes Malaga Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Fish Tacos, Enfuego Chicken, Blue Crab Rangoons, and Steak Empanadas. If you’re vacationing with your little ones, the kiddie tapas menu features chicken fingers, grilled cheese, kids’ pasta, and delicious P&J sandwiches. Check out Shades and George’s at Alys Beach for excellent lunch menus. 

Once the sun sets, head to Restaurant Paradis for a riveting dinner experience. Start with a delicious soup or salad, with options such as Aragula, Hungarian Goulash, Heirloom Tomato and Burrata, and Grilled Romaine. Take things to the next level with one of their entrees, which includes Shisho Dusted Ahi Tuna, Gulf Coast Snapper, Pecan and Lobster Encrusted Grouper, Cast Iron Filet, and Rack of Elk. Finish your evening with a tasty dessert of Key Lime Creme Brulee, Oreo Parfait, Flourless Chocolate Torte, or New York Style Cheesecake. Other popular dinner restaurants include Edward’s Fine Food & Wine and Havana Beach Bar & Grill. 

Explore the Local Museums

Rosemary Beach’s museum scene features several exemplary establishments displaying unique collections. If you’re interested in learning more about the roots of diving, head to the Man In the Sea Museum in Panama City Beach. The facility operates from Wednesday to Saturday, offering 11 exhibits. Explore the U.S. Navy Deep Dive System Mark I and learn more about this experimental diving system from the late 1960s. The U.S. Navy SEALAB I exhibit features the first habitable underwater facility, while the Mark V Diving Suit Rig features an 1837 diving suit that’s remained virtually unchanged. The museum features several exhibits, including Diving in Destin, Rodeo Gallery, and Mike Long Memorial Fish Wall. Historic St. Andrews Waterfront hosts the Panama Publishing Company Museum, which preserves and exhibits cultural resources, local history, the city’s classic printing craft, and tales of how George and Lilian West influenced Bay County’s development. Take a guided tour of the St. Andrews community and learn more about this historic area. 

Visit Camp Helen State Park

Head to Camp Helen State Park for the ultimate outdoor adventure and explore its rich natural and cultural resources. The park lies between the Gulf and Lake Powell, stretching 180 acres. Throw on a pair of hiking shoes and hit the Oak Canopy Trail as it winds through a thick canopy overlooking a salt marsh. If you prefer an on-water excursion, rent a kayak and paddle out on Lake Powell as you take in the area’s beauty. Winter temperatures in Rosemary Beach allow for a thrilling dip in the Gulf and Lake Powell. Pack your picnic bag and head out for a delightful lunch at one of the park’s picnic tables. There’s a covered picnic pavilion where you can relax and relish the scenery. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, winter offers several animal species, including piping plovers, black-bellied plovers, buffleheads, and red-breasted mergansers. The park features several amenities, including a paved path for the differently abled and a visitor center with educational exhibits and park information. 

Cycle Along 30A and Greenway Trails

Highway 30A is a famous spot for enjoying epic bike rides. The Timpoochee Trail is 30A’s most renowned bike trail, stretching 18.6 miles along the highway. The route features a paved trail traversing the area’s dune lakes, beachside eateries, and local shops. Head out for a full-day biking trip along the trail and enjoy the gorgeous scenery as you explore the local restaurant and shopping scene. The Greenway Trails in the heart of the Town Center Government Education complex features numerous multi-use routes, including paved pathways and wooden bridges. The trail crosses jaw-dropping wetlands and local vegetation unique to the 30A area. The easiest way to enjoy a bike ride in Rosemary Beach is to rent a bike at Peddlers 30A. This famous rental service offers an expansive variety of options, including adult bikes, kids’ bikes, and bikes with a baby seat, perfect for strapping in your toddler. Choose between single-day or weekly rentals and relish a hassle-free biking experience in Rosemary Beach. 

Hit 30 Avenue for Some Shopping

A vacation to Florida wouldn’t be complete without splurging on a few new items. 30 Avenue is one of Rosemary Beach’s premier shopping centers, offering ten delightful stores. Love 2 Run is your one-stop shop for all your shoe needs. The store has expert fitters who’ll guide you on the perfect pair of shoes based on your activity level. Willow + Mercer is 30 Avenue’s newest store, offering an impressive collection of men’s and women’s attire. The store features a colorful lounge and a lovely shoe salon for finding the perfect footwear. For the best olive oil in town, check out 30A Olive Oil Co. Apart from their impressive collection of locally bottled olive oil, 30A Olive Oil Co. also deals in gourmet products and gift baskets for different occasions. Check out Krewe for unique, high-quality eyewear with influences from music and architecture. Other 30 Avenue favorites include Becasa, Bohlert Massey, and Rollans. 

Stop by Gulf World Marine Park

If you’re a dolphin enthusiast, the Gulf World Marine Park offers three interactive programs. The Bottlenose Dolphin Royal Swim is the park’s most famous, offering handshakes, touches, hugs, animal enrichment, double dorsal tow, and foot push, where the dolphins elevate you above the water’s surface by pushing from the soles of your feet. In Bottlenose Swim Adventure, you enjoy belly rides, hugs, caresses, and handshakes from the dolphins, while the Bottlenose Dolphin Encounter offers interaction and animal enrichment. Each encounter lasts 30 minutes, giving you ample time to relish a riveting experience with these lovable aquatic mammals. The park offers additional programs, including the Harbor Seal Encounter, the Stingray Interactive Program, and the Sea Lion Encounter. With a VIP Sea Life Experience, pick one of the dolphin encounters and two additional encounters for the ultimate sea life experience. Gulf World admits kids aged four and below, making the adventures suitable for a wholesome family experience. 

Grab Fresh Produce at 30A Farmers’ Market

If you’re looking for the freshest produce in the area, the 30A farmer’s market features numerous vendors selling the highest quality products. Enjoy an expansive list of produce, including fresh whole chicken, free-range eggs, bone broth, grass-fed beef, pork, beeswax candles, and tupelo honey. On the produce end, explore fresh mushrooms, all-natural lettuce, micro-greens, fruits, and veggies. Take your pick of fresh local seafood, with weekly shipments of tuna, grouper, crab, shrimp, and red snapper. Additional items include essential oils, natural bath and body products, pastries, and numerous condiments. 30A Farmers’ Market opens every Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM, giving you four hours to shop for your favorite products. 

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Rosemary Beach has been a Florida vacation hotspot for years. This lovely town on the South Coast features gorgeous sandy beaches, an exemplary culinary scene, riveting boat tours, and numerous thrilling attractions for the ultimate winter escape. As you plan your Sunshine State escape, look to Rosemary Beach for the best vacation rentals in town. We offer an incredible variety of properties, including Gulf front homes, Gulf view rentals, homes with private pools, and houses with media rooms for all your entertainment needs. Our properties range from cozy one-bed rentals for a romantic getaway to luxurious seven-bed cottages for a large family or corporate holiday. We also feature pet-friendly homes, perfect for vacationing with your furry friend. Contact us today to secure your Rosemary Beach vacation rental and relish a riveting winter escape.