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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

Rosemary Beach

78 N Barrett Square, Unit B

Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

Traveling with Disabilities to Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is one of Florida’s most renowned vacation destinations. This picturesque Gulf Coast town offers impeccable weather, pristine beaches, and numerous attractions, drawing vacationers from around the globe. Planning a getaway as a disabled person or with someone with a disability may seem like an uphill task but don’t lose heart. Because of disability-friendly activities and attractions traveling with disabilities to Rosemary Beach couldn’t be easier.

Traveling with Disabilities to Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach lies near several wheelchair-friendly beach entries, including Ed Walline Regional Beach Access, Dune Allen Regional Access, Van Ness Butler Jr Regional Access, and Inlet Beach Regional Access. These entries feature uniquely-designed mats that allow those in wheelchairs easy access to the beach to soak in the sun and experience the lovely views. Beach wheelchair rentals allow you to rent specially-designed motorized chairs for hassle-free access through the sand. These wheelchairs feature two large non-deflatable front tires for easy movement and a robust PVC frame to prevent corrosion.

Topsail Hill Preserve Park

Topsail Hill Preserve Park is 30 minutes from Rosemary Beach and offers several attractions, including camping, fishing, birding, paddling, and geo-seeking. The park is renowned for its commitment to offering a variety of accessible amenities for people with disabilities, such as elevated boardwalks to the seashore, campsites with concrete padding, and free beach wheelchairs. The park’s stand-out feature is its wheelchair-accessible tram, offering fast, safe, and dignified transport for up to 11 wheelchairs.

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Rosemary Beach has a reputation for delivering epic getaways thanks to diverse attractions. This Florida gem caters to the needs of differently-abled vacationers by offering wheelchair-friendly activities, making holiday experiences possible for all groups of people. As you look forward to your Gulf Coast getaway, look to Rosemary Beach for your accommodation needs. We offer high-end vacation rentals with excellent amenities for the ultimate Florida holiday. Contact us today to secure your rental and enjoy this inclusive getaway spot.