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Rosemary Beach® vacation rentals offer a delightful way for families and friends to enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast in an elegant and harmonious setting.

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Summer Journey to Rosemary Beach

At the center of your beach experience in Florida’s iconic 30A is Rosemary Beach. It is a charming town complete with a beautiful shoreline and unique architecture. The area experiences significant traffic all year round, but it is in summer when the magic happens. With its warm weather and calm sea waters, With its warm weather and calm sea waters, a summer vacation in Rosemary Beach is a good choice. Below is a description of how to enjoy the perfect summer journey to Rosemary Beach.

Summer Journey to Rosemary Beach

The number one reason why you came to Florida is because of its elegant beaches. As such, it only makes sense to visit the beach on the first day of your adventure. It is your best chance to try out those beach activities you have wished for. From soaking in the summer sun at the sea to exploring the deep sea, beach days are the highlight of your summer vacation in Florida. Swimming is such an enjoyable activity in the beautiful Gulf waters. If you are an adrenaline junkie, there are activities like paddle boarding and parasailing for you to explore. Better still, there are waterfront restaurants where you can rush for a snack before embarking on your beach adventure.  

Park Tours 

The next phase of your adventure in Rosemary Beach entails the parks. This beach town is home to multiple parks, most of which are state-owned. These park tours double up as nature hikes but this time around with zero pressure. It is more about the adoration of nature than challenging your physical ability. The park you choose to visit will largely depend on the intended experience. If you like staying within the beach environment, Timpoochee Trail & Deer Lake State Park is best suited for you. This park has a pier and adorable dunes all over. For a better interaction with nature further away from the sea, Eden Gardens State Park is well-equipped for that.  


Bicycles need no introduction in Rosemary Beach. They are the dominant mode of transport. Apart from being a tool for moving from one location to another, riding bikes is a fun activity by itself. Riding along the streets of Rosemary helps you adventure the town more. You are treated to majestic views of the town away from the sandy beaches. Biking exposes you to some of the hidden gems in the town. It is also a practical way of watching the Gulf Coast’s beautiful sunsets while on the move.  

Fishing Along the Gulf Coast

Fishing is nothing new, but doing it on the Gulf Coast is not something you do every other day. A vacation in Florida’s Rosemary Beach brings this activity closer home. You don’t need to be a professional angler to enjoy this activity. The iconic Deer Lake State Park is a good place to kick-start your fishing adventure. This park is a meeting point for different sea waters, which explains why you have higher chances of taking something home for dinner. You may as well decide to join professional anglers as they make their way deep into the sea.  

Spa Day

After spending the past few days of your Rosemary Beach vacation adventuring, your body has already begun to feel exhausted. You don’t want to bring this exhaustion back home. The only remedy to that is booking yourself into a spa for a deserved wellness session. Spa days in Rosemary Beach are not the usual 30-minute things. Sessions here last for hours and sometimes even the whole day with breaks in between. Some of the experiences involved include massage and meditation which will help train your mind accordingly. 

Shopping Expedition

The last day of your Rosemary Beach adventure entails shopping for souvenirs to take home. Being an active tourist destination, this beach town is home to multiple luxury shops and boutiques where you can go to pick your items. Also, there are several shops displaying art that would be good for your home décor. A visit to 30A Farmer’s Market is also part of the plan. This market has all the fresh produce you would want to bring home to cook. It is also the perfect platform to interact with locals for one last time before boarding your flight home. 

Book Your Rosemary Beach Summer Rentals

Booking a comfortable vacation home for your summer holidays is a crucial part of your adventure in Florida. Rosemary Beach has a rich collection of holiday homes stretching from one end of the sea to the next. Our vacation rentals in the area are a one-stop shop for virtually everything. From the high-end amenities to the incredible dining experience that awaits, you are in for a worthy treat on the Gulf Coast. Call us today to book your Rosemary Beach summer rentals.