There are many reasons for choosing Florida and the Rosemary Beach community for your vacation getaway, but we’re going to guess that the Gulf is the first reason on your list! Emerald green, clear, and offering a tranquil respite from the troubles of the world, most visitors don’t even take the time to unpack before they are pulling on their swimsuits and heading to the beach! This guide to the Rosemary Beach activities on the water you can enjoy during your fabulous Florida getaway will ensure that every minute of your stay will be filled with fun and excitement!

Frolicking in the Surf

Within seconds of walking into your Rosemary Beach community vacation rental, you will probably find yourself heading outdoors to discover what fun you can have in the crystal-clear waters that have been calling to you for months. Wading in the shallows, laughing out loud as the surf ebbs and flows, diving into the cool to escape the sultry summer heat, and floating on your back feeling the sun on your face as the ocean gently rocks you into a sense of peace and contentment is the perfect way to start your journey to fun in Florida.

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Follow the Dolphins

Of all the creatures of the sea, dolphins are the friendliest and the most fun to watch! And even though you may be able to catch sight of dolphins during your daily swim in the Gulf, the best way to follow them is from the deck of a 50-foot catamaran on a sunset dolphin cruise offered by Island Time Sailing Cruises. Lasting two hours and taking you through some of the most beautiful areas of the Gulf, this cruise is a favorite of everyone who experiences them!

Explore the World Under the Sea

If you think it’s beautiful from the top of the water, wait until you get your first glimpse of the world under the water. Colorful, vibrant, and teeming with happy surprises, it’s no wonder that snorkeling is one of the top water activities in the area! Snorkeling only requires the mask, air tube, and flippers for easy gliding through the water; most beach stores in the area will offer snorkel gear for rent, or you can bring your own.

Plan Your Florida Escape and Enjoy Rosemary Beach Activities

Every day offers a new surprise when you choose the Rosemary Beach community for your vacation getaway. Contact us today to reserve your vacation rental and to learn more about Rosemary Beach activities!

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