As you spend your days sleeping late, frolicking in the surf, and discovering what wonders 30A has for you next, your Florida getaway to the Rosemary Beach community may seem just about perfect, but there is one thing you are missing. The taste of Florida, set before you in the local diners, cafes, and restaurants, will turn this vacation from ordinary to extraordinary at first bite! Not every meal has to be a grand production, and this guide to our favorite Casual Dining Spots Near the Rosemary Beach will ensure you will feel at home in every restaurant that you try.

Effin Egg, 13123 E Emerald Coast Parkway STE C

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Effin Egg aims to ensure that it is the tastiest as well! Offering eggs in sandwiches, eggs on plates, and eggs that will soon be in your stomach, this cute spot can only be found in the panhandle and promises to be the breakfast spot you will fall in love with.

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30A Burger, 12805 US-98 E101

Yes, you are surrounded by seafood that is sweet and delicious, but sometimes you just need a thick and juicy burger! 30A Burger has a menu destined to hit the spot when those cravings arise, offering burgers, chicken sandwiches, and a taste of Florida that is just right. Order a glass of wine to go with your spicy chicken sandwich, a cold beer to go with the 30A Bacon burger or forget the burgers altogether and stop in for a thick and frosty shake; the Banana Pudding Shake will instantly transport you back to your grandma’s kitchen!

Crabby Steve’s Bar & Gulfside Restaurant, 10254 E County Highway 30A

Just the name alone will bring a smile to your face, and when you sample their seafood delights, you might just want to take up residence at their Gulf front tables! Offering your favorite casual eats, drinks, and a surfside view of that fabulous Florida sunset, every bite will be your favorite. If this is your first time in our beautiful state, be sure to order a Rum Runner to go along with your fish tacos; you won’t be disappointed!

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Obviously, the most casual of places are ones where pants are optional, and as you go about your business of seeking out fun in the Rosemary Beach community, enjoying a few of the meals in your fully equipped kitchens will be inexpensive, delicious, and cooked exactly how you crave. Reserve your spot on the beach with us today!