As we all begin to pick ourselves up and begin the long journey towards moving forward after COVID-19, there’s a select group of people who deserve a little extra notice. Those essential workers who picked up the slack for those who were able to stay home, who woke up every morning preparing themselves for a day filled with hard work and uncertainty, the people known as your employees. Call them what you will, but those essential people ensured that your business has become the successful place it is today, and can you ever thank them enough? Probably not, but a good start would be with a corporate retreat to the white sand beaches of the Rosemary Beach community; our corporate Rosemary Beach vacation rentals are designed to spoil, and the beauty of the region never fails to soothe your souls.

Luxury and Style During Your Rosemary Beach Vacation

Have you ever walked into a place so clean, so bright, and so comfortable you felt at home within seconds? Our properties offer that feeling of hominess, and while they have always been sparkling clean, today they are ultra-sanitized to ensure that all worries are left behind! Kitchens that are spacious and cheerful allow for multiple “chefs” to work together in harmony, and dining rooms with seating enough for everyone can be used for team-building exercises that include putting together puzzles, playing board games, or enjoying the feasts of your labors in the kitchens! Luxurious surprises can be found around every corner, including living areas with state-of-the-art televisions, game rooms and theater rooms, and bedrooms with private balconies over the pool. Your employees will certainly get how much you appreciate them within seconds of stepping inside!

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The Company that Plays Together

Yes, there are handbooks with all kinds of team-building exercises listed between their covers, but we all know that the best way to build a successful team is to spend some time playing like friends! Pool parties by the private pools, bike rides through the streets of the Rosemary Beach community, even working out together in a community fitness center (or private gym in one of our larger properties) builds a sense of companionship that a “rousing” game of Code of Conduct just can’t accomplish! Campfire stories, another team building activity, can be enjoyed around the fireplace on a chilly or rainy evening! Simply divide your group into teams and have everyone share some of their favorite workplace experiences; don’t be surprised when this moment right here jumps to the forefront!

The Rosemary Beach Community Welcomes You Back

It’s been a weird few months, and we looking forward to welcoming you back with open arms, thanking you as you thank your employees for all they have done! Reserve your Rosemary Beach vacation rental with us today