When you think of historical Florida, chances are you probably aren’t considering the Rosemary Beach community. Built in 1995, our seaside community hasn’t been around very long, but if you are a history buff, the land on which this beautiful neighborhood sits has existed for thousands of years, and the stories told by the waters, the white sand beaches, and the dune lakes that have coexisted with the Gulf waters is one worth examining. This Rosemary Beach things to do guide to your historical journey to our favorite Gulf community will help fill the minutes of your Florida getaway as it fills your mind with a peek into the past!

Lake Powell

We’ve talked about Lake Powell many times, as can be expected. Located just a few miles away from our community, this rare coastal dune lake is the largest in the state, taking up over 800 acres! Considered to be at least 10,000 years old and created by the winds that worked their magic on the sands of the region, it boggles the mind to think about all the changes this body of water has seen over the millenniums. The natural sand barrier that divides the lake from the Gulf often fails to keep the salt and fresh waters in their place, causing a unique ecosystem in which a variety of salt and freshwater creatures cohabitate peacefully!

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Older Than You Might Think

Although the Rosemary Beach community has only been around since 1995, the first cabin in the area was suspected to have been built all the way back in the mid-19th century in nearby Santa Rosa. The 1890s brought about an upswing in beach communities, and by the early 1900s, this area had become a popular vacation community. While many of those homes no longer exist, it is often suggested that we can hear the whispered conversations of those who went before on quiet nights when the wind is blowing gently. Take the time to walk along the shore, imagining those who once walked where you are walking now: the early Native Americans who may have used the waters, the happy vacationers dressed in their best bathing costumes, sitting under frilly umbrellas in protection against the sun, and the visitors that head to the beaches today, gasping aloud at their first sight of the emerald waters of the Gulf. The Rosemary Beach community may be newer, but the land it is built on has stories to tell!

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