March is a special month, bringing together millions of people, countries, cities, and states from all over the world, all claiming solidarity to one country in particular: Ireland. And as everyone wears their lucky green, drinks green beer, and generally celebrates all things Irish, you may be wondering where you can do the same during your Rosemary Beach getaway and stay in one of our charming Rosemary Beach vacation rentals. We’ve got you covered with this guide to St. Patrick’s Day in Rosemary Beach in March; following this guide means you will not miss a moment of the excitement!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 30A

Starting at Blue Mountain Beach and ending in Gulfside, this annual parade is our favorite way to celebrate! Offering Irish dancers, Irish food, and all the green beer you can safely drink, the good times start at 2:00 PM and end at 7:00 PM, allowing participants to move on to “greener waters” and other celebrations! Contests for the best redhead (girl) and best pirate (boy) as well as one for your best dressed pet make the event that much more fun!

Spend Your St Patrick’s Day in Our Holiday Homes!

Havana Beach Bar & Grill, Rooftop Bar, 63 Main Street, Rosemary Beach

What better way to celebrate the wearing of green than with views of the Gulf spreading out below you? Although it’s a mite sunnier and a whole lot warmer in Florida than it is in the old country, after a few green beers and pours of Jameson, you won’t even notice the difference! The music, the food, and the people who celebrate with you will ensure that this St. Patrick’s Day will be as close to perfect as if you were celebrating with a céilí in Dublin!

Build Your Own Green Beer

Because not everyone wants to go out and celebrate, we’re offering this super-secret and incredibly complicated recipe for making your own green beer to enjoy in the comfort of your Rosemary Beach holiday escape. You might want to get a piece of paper and pen, and after you write it down, you have to promise us you’ll eat the evidence; we don’t want the Irish to get angry with us for revealing their family secrets! Ok, are you ready? Pick your beer of choice and pour it into a glass. Now, pick up that little bottle of green food coloring you purchased at the grocery store in advance and squeeze it into the beer. One drop. Now drink! Ok, it wasn’t complicated or secret, but now that you have the ingredients for your own céilí, your at-home celebration promises to be more fun than a bag of shamrocks!

Our Properties Add to the Celebration

Coming home after the party is always a treat when you choose Rosemary Beach rentals for your vacation accommodations—reserve your stay with us today!