As you begin to explore the planned community of Rosemary Beach, you may find it quite tame. The homes and condos that all look very much alike, the quiet streets, the tastefully designed shops and restaurants, even the large greenspace where visitors and residents love to hang out all combine to create a utopian sanctuary of peace and quiet, nothing wild seeming to be allowed. But when you look closer, you may see an unusually colored bird singing in the trees, a squirrel rushing from place to place seeking its morning meals, or in the Gulf waters that frame our beautiful community, a whole world of wild living just below its surface. This guide to the best Wildlife Watching Spots Near the Rosemary Beach will speak to the wild child that resides deep inside you!

The Butterfly and Community Herb Garden in Rosemary Beach, Florida

If you have ever spent a quiet morning watching colorful butterflies flit from flower to flower, you will definitely understand the appeal that draws visitors and residents to our Butterfly and Community Herb Garden, located right here in the Rosemary Beach community. The herbs and plants found here are specifically planted to attract the delicate insects, and even as you lose yourself in the beauty of your moments spent walking along the wooden pathways through this magical garden, knowing that this colorful space is helping the environment makes the journey even sweeter!

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Dune Lakes

There are only four places in the entire world that offer dune lakes, and the Florida panhandle is home to 15 gorgeous bodies of water serving a variety of wildlife, quenching their thirst and offering new feeding sources as the circle of life is strong in these dune lakes. Bird watching is the most popular source of wildlife viewing at these dune lakes, so download an app to your phone, grab your binoculars, and prepare to be amazed!

The Underwater Museum of Art, 105 Hogtown Bayou Lane in Santa Rosa Beach

The simple joys of art and sea life combine in the Underwater Museum of Art, located not far from the front door of your Rosemary Beach sanctuary. Offering a uniquely Florida experience that is really located underwater, the sculptures found under the sea are destined to leave you speechless as you explore art that serves a purpose. Each of the sculptures will serve as artificial reefs that will become a habitat for the creatures that make their homes in the sea. Don your scuba gear and prepare to marvel at the gray pineapple and be charmed by the metal dandelion held in a giant hand as you explore the underwater fantasy land you won’t find anywhere else!

Explore the Wildlife Watching Spots Near the Rosemary Beach

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