The Rosemary Beach community is the kind of neighborhood people dream about making their own. Designed to bring neighbors, friends, and families together in a world that often seems to try and do the opposite, adventures that occur happen here may not be grand and record breaking, but they are the kind that leave an imprint on your heart. And although your winter visit to our Rosemary Beach homes probably won’t change the world, they are destined to change your outlook on what comprises of the perfect Rosemary Beach vacation. This guide will ensure that every minute of your stay is filled with moments you won’t ever want to forget!

The Search for the Perfect Hot Cocoa

Even in Florida, the need for the perfect cup of hot cocoa is something we used to spend hours seeking out, and then we discovered La Crema Tapas & Chocolate and life has been perfect ever since! Ok, we may be exaggerating somewhat, but once you make your way through their chocolate menu and land on their exquisite sipping chocolates, we think it will change the way you look at hot chocolate adventures forever. Thick, rich, and creamy, they offer four different infusions to help create the beverage you will never stop dreaming about, including mocha, peppermint, hazelnut, and for all of you spice lovers out there, the unique hot chili infusion! Try them all and be sure to report back to us which is your new favorite!

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The Perfect Family Photo on Your Rosemary Beach Vacation

Getting your family together for a professional photo is always a difficult occasion, but you’re all together now so why not get that photo taken? Artists have been drawn to the beauty of our sugar white sand beaches for centuries and some of the best photographers in the nation can be found right here in the Rosemary Beach community! Kneeling against a backdrop of sea oats, all wearing colorful outfits that complement the purity of that sand, your family will never look this happy and relaxed again, and the memories your portraits will evoke will last a lifetime.

Cruisin’ Under Blue Skies

The smell of the salt water, the kiss of a gulf breeze on your cheeks, and the simple motions you never forget. The simple pleasure of riding a bike can be relived on a glorious winter day during your winter getaway! Rent your bicycle of choice from the Bamboo Bicycle Company, 78 N Barrett Square, and spend the mildly beautiful days of the season exploring the beaches and small villages that make up the area.

Winter on the Sand

Our homes are designed to make you feel at home every season of the year; reserve yours today!